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Calling All Actors!

And Then There Were None

Bartholomew Players, Eynsham, are holding open auditions for Agatha Christie’s brilliant murder mystery “And Then There Were None”to be performed at Eynsham Village Hall, Eynsham, OX29 4QW and Directed by Denise Santilli. The production dates are May 15th-18th 2019. Rehearsals will take place in the evening on Wednesdays from January & also Mondays from March.

The open auditions will be held at Eynsham Village Hall on Sunday 21st October from 3.30pm - 6pm with recalls on Sunday 28th October from 3.30pm – 6pm

This is a play with a large cast and we invite all actors to apply (especially male actors)

The parts (and approx playing age range) are:

Rogers (45-65): the dignified butler. 

Fred Narracot (45-70) manservant (very small part)

Philip Lombard (40-55): attractive, mysterious, with the touch of an adventurer about him. 

Antony Marston (25-35): a good looking, rich, spoiled young man

William Blore (50-65): a former police inspector

General MacKenzie (65-80): upright soldierly old man with a gentle, tired face

Sir Lawrence Wargrave (55-70): a recently retired judge

Dr Armstrong (45-65) : a gullible, slightly timid doctor

Vera Claythorne (35-50): a former Governess

Emily Brent (60-75): an old, ruthlessly religious woman

Ethel Rodgers (45-65): Rogers’ wife. A frail woman.

The Production:

Ten guilty strangers are trapped in a house on an island. One by one they are accused of murder: one by one they start to die. In this superlative mystery play, statuettes of little soldier boys on the mantelpiece fall to the floor and break one by one as those in the house succumb to a diabolical avenger.

A sample of the script will be sent in advance to all interested applicants to be read in the auditions. A fuller Plot Summary and full character analysis will also be made available.

If you are interested in auditioning, please contact Denise Santilli on or 07721 744020

Bartholomew Players are Eynsham’s Amateur Dramatic Group and have been providing quality theatre to the local community for more than 40 years. Visit our website to find out more about us and to see examples of previous productions.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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