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Humble Boy is a play inspired by Hamlet.

Felix Humble returns to his family home in the countryside of England after receiving word of the death of his father, James Humble. Once he returns home, he discovers that his mother, Flora Humble, has got rid of all of her husband’s belongings including the bees which he kept.

The reunion of mother and son was not as pleasant as one would imagine, old animosity is sparked between the two as Flora blames Felix for embarrassing her at James’s funeral by running away when it was Felix’s turn for eulogy.

On top of that Felix discovers that Flora intends to marry a man named George Pye, the complete opposite of the intellectual and passionate James.

Throughout the summer the distance between Flora and Felix grows. Flora sends her friend Mercy to befriend Felix and relay information back. Felix can see right through his mother’s devious agenda and finds that the gardener Jim, who is ignored by everyone, is the only one he can confide in.

Felix reunites with an ex-girlfriend, Rosie Pye, who is the daughter of George Pye. She claims to have changed her life after breaking up with Felix and became a nurse and a single mother. Rosie tries to ease Felix’s tension by fornication only to be interrupted by Flora and George coming home. Rosie reveals to Felix that they have been having an affair for a long time even when James was alive.

She also tells Felix before she leaves that he is the father of her daughter Felicity.

Felix now becomes very distraught and even suicidal. A confrontation occurs at a garden dinner party where Flora plans to officially announce her wedding with George. After a period of emotional outbursts which ends with Mercy leaving after being harassed by Flora, a moment of revelation occurs as Felix reminds Flora of the intelligence and devotion of James to his unfaithful wife.

Flora cancels her wedding and sends George off. As Felix and Flora have a moment of forgiveness in the garden, Flora finally gives notice to the gardener Jim, which turns out to be the spirit of James Humble.

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